Glory of the Cataclysm Raider – To4W 10N

This is a continuation of our chasing the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider achievement. I’ve previously posted guides to the Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight normal-mode achievements. ^^

We started on heroic modes last weekend, and write-ups for those will be coming next!

Throne of Four Winds 10N

Conclave of the WindStay Chill
Defeat the Conclave of Wind while everyone in the raid has at least 7 stacks of Wind Chill.

Difficulty: Trickier, but not difficult.
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 3 heals.
We put one tank and healer on Nezir (the ice dude in the back), two rdps and a healer on Rohash (the windy guy to the right of the entrance), and the other tank and healer and the rest of the dps on Anshal (the one with adds to the left of the entrance). We managed to nuke Rohash and Anshal before the first ultimate attack (we did have to slow dps on Anshal so that they died around the same time). Everyone hopped over to Nezir’s platform, and we brought him to about 25% health while we waited for everyone to get to 7 stacks, and then we nuked him before he finished casting Gather Strength to revive the other two.

Al’AkirFour Play
Defeat Al’Akir while he is affected by Feedback.

Difficulty: Trickier, especially if raiders have issues with 3D fights. >.>
Notes: Used 1 tank & 3 heals.
We spread out into 5 groups of 2 for phase 1 like we used to (although we probably didn’t need to, since we burned through the first part pretty quickly), then collapsed in front of him for phase 2. We ended up keeping the stormling adds alive into phase 3, and made sure to kill them when Al’Akir’s health was low enough that we could burn him with the 30-second Feedback debuff still up.

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