Transmog All the Alts!

I like alts. I like having an idea of how different classes work, even if I might not really explore all of the different specs that much. I like having maxed professions and being relatively self-sufficient.

My name is Jen, and I’m an altoholic.

That being said, I want to (someday) get one of each class up to level cap, and I also want to find pretty outfits for each of them.


I look like a moose!

My druid was the first character that I transferred over to SiB, and was my raiding main for the beginning of t11. I was able to switch to my resto shammy, and poor Nyana has been steadily neglected since. I run dungeons with her once in a blue moon, and grit my teeth through flail-pugs for faster queue times and the bribery bags.

Now, since she’s primarily resto and stays unshifted (RIP, permatree) it was important to me that she doesn’t look like she got dressed in a circus’ closet in the dark, so I played around in MogIt and found a set that I liked for her.

After farming heroic Mana Tombs for a few weeks (and getting really good at blowing up the whole room with a single burst of laser-chicken mushrooms!), Pandemonius finally coughed up the Starry Robes of the Crescentfor my druid, so I can finally wear the Moon-Crown Antlers.

Yay, my druid has a pretty outfit (and can be neglected again… >.>)! \o/


Lady In Red

Moving right along to the next neglected alt!

Krista and I went through Karazhan on a whim, ‘cause she’s still looking for a few pieces of leather for her rogue. I had the pieces that I wanted out of there on my shaman, so I figured I’d bring along my now-banker-priest to see if she had any luck, and she actually managed to pick up a nifty matching red dress and shoulders along the way (even if almost every token that dropped was the warrior/hunter/shaman one). I even managed to score matching Ruby Slippers, and lookit, the belt matches the purple hues too!

When we went back through, I managed to get a pretty, matching halo for her red outfit. \o/

I also got the pretty Masquerade Gown off of Romulo & Julianne, so now, damnit, I need to find matching prettiness for it. (And I might have to turn to my transmogging guru for it. Not that she needs an excuse to play with MogIt.)

Now, my dirty little secret.

I don’t play melee (except on my paladin, but tanking doesn’t count, and I flail and make high-pitched noises whenever I try ret on her).

I had a very brief stint with enhancement on my shaman, but quickly switched back to resto/eley and vendored the hodgepodge of agility mail I had accrued to try out the spec. My baby warrior alt somehow managed to make it into the 80s, and she’s currently stalled in Deepholm. My gazillionth DK reattempt is similarly stalled in Hellfire Peninsula, waiting patiently for the warrior to finish leveling so that the shiny heirlooms can be passed along.


Stabbity stab!

And then, there’s the rogue.

Drachenstein was supposed to be my banker. I rolled a night elf rogue forever ago, and named her after a treasure-hoarding dragon. Perfect for a banker alt, right?

Towards the end of last year, our guild was getting really close to finishing up the Stay Classy achievement for the 8th guild bank tab. One of the combinations we needed was a night elf rogue, so I dusted off Drach’s daggers and took her out into the virtual world to get her to level 85.

It helped a ton that Krista’s main is a rogue, so I had free, personalized tutoring with the assassination spec’s rotation and priorities, and before I knew it, Drachenstein had made it to 85 and received a few hand-me-down epics along the way, like the BoE thrown Thorns of the Dying Day.

It’s not right to have such a spastic mix of lowbie greens and random epics on a toon, right?

So I had to go through a few dungeons and try to replace the icky greens, right?

And then I had to try heroics just to see how I do with a melee toon, right?

And then I might as well try the Hour of Twilight heroics too, right?

And then I might as well try LFR too, right?


Somewhere along the way, my little red-headed stepchild alt became my second-best geared toon, and I found myself really enjoying a melee class.

But, shhh, don’t tell my ranged toons.

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2 Responses to Transmog All the Alts!

  1. rhuanious says:

    Just don’t tell Kia you like melee, she might start calling you crazy :D

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