I Heal Hunter Pets

I was chatting with a guildie about huntering, and it made me a little nostalgic for the good ol’ days of BM.

See, my transition from BC to Wrath with raiding was with a hunter, and she was specced into Beast Mastery. When she was little and questing through Ashenvale, I found a pretty white wolf, and Cujo became her almost-constant companion. (He’s still totally my favorite.)

BM was starting to lapse behind other classes at the time, and people were saying to switch (I believe Marksman was the spec du jour at the time) to stay competitive with other raiders. I stubbornly refused to switch specs as our guild started tackling Ulduar, even though I eventually switched to raiding with my paladin (because of guild needs and NOT because of any kind of performance concerns). I haven’t raided with Talorina since those first few weeks into Ulduar, and she still has her BM spec, although I did cave at 85 and dual-specced her into Survival to keep up in heroics when I feel like waiting on a dps queue.

I loved those days where Cujo happily chewed away at boss butts and made up significant amounts of my damage, even if those were also the days where we had to manage pet happiness and food and IT WAS UPHILL BOTH WAYS IN THE SNOW.

And while we were climbing UPHILL BOTH WAYS IN THE SNOW, the absolute WORST thing was when your pet died during a fight. ‘Cause OMG you had to REZ it and FEED it and COMFORT it and REASSURE it before you could send it back out at the boss’ ass, or it would just whimper and whine resentfully while it licked the boss’ heel.

So, even though I don’t raid with Tal anymore, and even though she doesn’t even get to see alt raids because EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG PLAYS A HUNTER, I still make sure that grid is set up to show pets, so that I can toss them the occasional heal as needed too. <3

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2 Responses to I Heal Hunter Pets

  1. rhuanious says:

    All those pets that derp into fire are very thankful :) Especially Sheep, he just isn’t very smart.

  2. indigodragyn says:

    Sheep definitely gets heals when I can spare them, since he’s the same kind of wolfie as Cujo. <3

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