Nerdpoints and Zombies

One of the things that I love about WoW is that there is SO MUCH to do.

teddy bears

All the teddies!

Kia already mentioned our bear-hunting, which took us a few days to get for everyone, but we had fun melting bosses and faceplant-derp-pulling trash.

There’s also interest in going through the Cataclysm heroics for the achievement drake, but we’re an ADD bunch, so it’s a challenge in itself to get us to all focus on something all over the place like that. Krista and I already have ours (thanks to more awesome guildies).


All the zombies!

Krista and I have also been (slowly… did I mention the ADD?) working on knocking out our Wrath dungeon heroic achievements, since we had different mains when that stuff was current.

Zombiefest amused the hell out of me. I got to round up the zombies and lead them through to the gauntlet, where Krista was waiting to round up zombies on that end, and I kept having to wait for them to catch up after I dropped earthbind totem so they wouldn’t chew on me too much.

genius healerI’ve also been entertaining myself by running random Hour of Twilight heroics with ALL THE ALTS. I get to meet ALL SORTS of awesomely special people. (On a sidenote, even Spanish-speaking players like to mock the Bishop’s POWA spiel. XD) There was one run where a not-so-good healer left group pretty early on (I think it much have been as soon as s/he could requeue), and while we breathed a sigh of relief and hoped for a better healer, the same priest magically reappeared in the group. XD

Other than that, I’ve also been plugging away at the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider with my awesome guildies. We’ve managed to get to the point where several of us only need five more bosses on heroic-mode to get the first batch of drakes.

While the new mechanics can be a little painful for us, I like to think that everyone is having fun with the nerdpoint hunt, and we’re able to laugh at ourselves and enjoy our time together. I know I’m having a blast with it. ^^

Heroic Maloriak title

P.S. The heroic-mode guides for the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider bosses are in progress, and won’t be posted until we complete the raids (we still need Nef, the Council, Cho’gall, and both Throne encounters).

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