Random, Little Update

I haven’t really had too much to blog about lately.

SiB’s main run is consistently clearing Dragon Soul in under 2 hours, and Krista’s rogue will be getting her legendary daggers after next week’s clear. Our tanks seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, and my paladin has been filling in (and has as many Deathwing kills as my shaman as of this past week… >.>).


Filling in on my tank has made me feel a little guilty about playing other toons, including my main, because there was a small, nagging part of my brain telling me that I should be working on my tank so that she didn’t feel so squishy. (It’s not as bad anymore, ‘cause she’s been able to hoover all sorts of pretties that nobody else needs.)

I do want to work on a decent transmog set for her though.

Other than that, the T11 stuff has stalled a bit thanks to RL cropping up, but I hope to go back in next weekend, and at least finish up heroic Nef in Blackwing Descent before we go play with the last two bosses on heroic in the Bastion of Twilight. We took a shot at heroic Throne of Four Winds last time, and we might just have to come back to that one.

I also had a little nerdpoint hunting spurt with my hunter, but the novelty and amusement of that endeavor has worn off, and I definitely don’t have the attention span to chase down all those nerdpoints on another toon. There are still several achievements that I still want to get for my shaman, and I’m waiting for that itch to kick back in.

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