Glory of the Cataclysm Raider – BoT 10N

This is a continuation of our chasing the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider achievement. I posted a guide to the Blackwing Descent normal-mode achievements yesterday, and today’s post goes through the normal-mode achievements in Bastion of Twilight. ^^

Bastion of Twilight 10N

Halfus WyrmbreakerThe Only Escape
Defeat Halfus Wyrmbreaker after defeating two drakes within 10 seconds of each other. The Emerald Whelp pack counts as one drake for this purpose.

Difficulty: Relatively easy (especially if you don’t have the Slate Dragon’s healing debuff).
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 3 heals.
One tank picked up Halfus and the other picked up two dragons. We made sure that the dragons died around the same time, and then beat up the ogre.

Valiona & TheralionDouble Dragon
Kill 6 Twilight Fiends in the Twilight Realm and then defeat Valiona and Theralion.

Difficulty: Trickier, but not too bad.
Notes: Used 1 tank & 3 heals.
Twilight Realm stacks got too high to get all 6 Fiends in one go, so we did 3 in the first Dazzling Destruction, and the next 3 in the Fabulous Flames. The fiends are fast, tiny little fuckers, so a target macro is helpful. The tank and one healer stayed out with any melee who didn’t want to bother with the Fiends, and the two other healers went in with all the ranged. We did have to hold off dps on the dragons a little bit to get two rounds. (It is a one-fight achievement, so you have to get all six Fiends in one fight.)

Ascendant CouncilElementary
Defeat the Elementium Monstrosity while only allowing it to create a single Liquid Ice patch.

Difficulty: Relatively easy with current gear.
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 3 heals.
Keep the first two pairs near each other in health percentage, and when the Monstrosity spawns in phase 3, just nuke the crap out of him without kiting him all over the place. The tank can slowly move him toward the edge of the puddle if you’re melee-heavy, but it actually wasn’t that bad to heal through.

Cho’gallThe Abyss Will Gaze Back Into You
Defeat Cho’gall before any raid member earns more than 30% Corrupted Blood.

Difficulty: Relatively easy with current gear, as long as everyone pays attention and stays out of bad.
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 2 heals.
We ended up ignoring the second add spawn and nuked the ugly ogre.

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Glory of the Cataclysm Raider – BWD 10N

I want a pretty dragon, so I checked with the guild for interest in the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta achievement. Luckily for me and my dragon-wanting, my guild is awesome and consists of a bunch of helpful people and nerdpoint whores (which I mean in the most loving way possible, being one of them), so we actually have enough interest for two groups. \o/

I put together a game plan (i.e. a color-coded Google document that I shared and demanded that everyone look over), and our Guinea Pig group made their first foray after the T11 nerdpoints on Saturday. We cleared Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight on normal mode, raking in all of the not-heroic-mode achievements along the way, only stumbling on Valiona and Theralion a bit until we figured out that we weren’t quite as OP as we like to think.

We’re using two tanks (at least one with a DPS offspec), three healers (at least one with a DPS offspec), and five DPS. The group consisted of people in a mix of mostly 378-397 ilevel gear and mixed experience in T11 (some of us had raided it weekly when it was current and some of us hadn’t stepped foot in there at all).

I plan on doing a series of posts about these for the three T11 dungeons, with the 10-man normal-mode (10N) achievements and with the 10-man heroic-mode (10H) achievements (with the assumption that the reader is familiar with the fights’ normal mechanics). This post goes over BWD 10N achievements (with a BoT counterpart to follow within the next day or so), and we’re going back to clear To4W 10N achievements and start poking at heroic-modes next Saturday.

Blackwing Descent 10N

MagmawParasite Evening
Defeat Magmaw without anyone in the raid becoming infected with a parasite

Difficulty: Easy! (Execute mechanics properly and you should get credit.)
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 2 heals.
Make sure ranged are moving when the Pillar of Flame spawns, and that they’re nuking the parasites before they reach anyone.

Omnotron Defense SystemAchieve-a-tron (Can be done over multiple lockouts.)
Defeat the Omnotron Defense System while neutralizing the following attacks:
– No player hit by Static Shock
– No player hit by Arcane Annihilator
– No player hit by Poison Bomb
– No more than one player hit by each Flamethrower

Difficulty: Relatively easy. (We only had one round of the four of them, and got the achievement on the first try.)
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 2 heals.
Static Shock – don’t let anyone hit Electron once his shield goes up (we stopped dps on him once his energy was almost down to 50)
Arcane Annihilator – keep the tank and an interrupter on Arcanotron to interrupt these casts
Poison Bomb – don’t let the poison slimes from Toxitron make it to any raiders
Flamethrower – when Magmatron targets someone for this, make sure everyone else gets away

MaloriakAberrant Behavior
Kill 12 Aberrations within 10 seconds and then defeat Maloriak

Difficulty: Relatively easy.
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 2 heals.
We didn’t interrupt any of the Release Aberrations casts (you do still want to interrupt the Arcane Storm casts though). We had to stop dps to let him go into a green phase (so that we could melt all the Aberrations) before he went into phase two at 25% health.

AtramedesSilence is Golden
Defeat Atramedes without any raid member’s sound bar going over 50%

Difficulty: Easy! (Execute mechanics properly and you should get credit.)
Notes: Used 1 tank & 2 heals.
The gong person on ground phase should watch for any excess sound (if anyone gets clipped by a Sona Pulse or Sonice Breath). We only had one air phase and killed him shortly after he landed.

ChimaeronFull of Sound and Fury
Defeat Chimaeron with no more than 2 raid member deaths

Difficulty: Relatively easy. (Execute mechanics properly and you should get credit.)
Notes: Used 2 tanks & 3 heals (to be on the safe side).
We had to stop dps until the first Feud (and top everyone up after the following Massacre) before letting him get to phase two at 20% health.

NefarianKeeping it in the Family
Damage Nefarian below 50% health before he lands for the final confrontation and then defeat Nefarian

Difficulty: Less easy, but not difficult.
Notes: Used 2 tanks (and a turtle pet for adds in phase 1) & 3 heals.
For phase 1, push three crackles and get Nef to 65%, then nuke Ony (the timer was a little tight for us). In phase 2, push Nef through two crackles and past 50%, then kill the adds to make him land. Execute phase 3 like normal.

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So You Want to Play a Resto Shaman?

me: I want to blog something, but I don’t know what.
Liz: hmmmm
me: “Dear Kia, since your baby shaman is almost at level cap, here’s how to resto!”
Liz: oh please do that please please please
me: Lmao really?
Liz: really really please
me: Okies!

Dear Kia, since your baby shaman is almost at level cap, here’s how to resto!

To start, you’ll need glyphs…
/eyes empty glyph slots on your armory page

Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Earth Shield
Increases the amount healed by your Earth Shield by 20%.
Yes, please!

Glyph of Riptide
Increases the duration of Riptide by 40%.
The other no-brainer.

Glyph of Water Shield
Increases the passive mana regeneration of your Water Shield spell by 50%.
Starting out, you might want to use this one until you’re comfortable with the mana regen from your gear, and then you can switch to…

Glyph of Earthliving Weapon
Increases the effectiveness of your Earthliving weapon’s periodic healing by 20%.
A nice boost as long as you remember to use it!

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Healing Stream Totem
Your Healing Stream Totem also increases the Fire, Frost, and Nature resistance of party and raid members within 30 yards by 195.
You’ll generally want to keep HST down anyway, and use your Mana Tide Totem if you’re going oom.

Glyph of Chain Heal
Increases healing done by your Chain Heal spell to targets beyond the first by 15%, but decreases the amount received by the initial target by 10%.
Very helpful for AoE damage or if you have a bunch of melee.

Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem
Your Stoneclaw Totem also places a damage absorb shield on you, equal to 4 times the strength of the shield it places on your totems.
I’m partial to having a personal baby-bubble CD, but it’s also dependant on remembering that you have it, and dropping Stoneclaw when you’re taking damage. The alternative is…

Glyph of Healing Wave
Your Healing Wave also heals you for 20% of the healing effect when you heal someone else.
I’ve found that this one tends to spit up overheals in raids, but can be helpful for when you’re starting out and getting the hang of things.

Minor Glyphs

Glyph of Renewed Life
Your Reincarnation spell no longer requires a reagent.
Stupid ankhs. -_-;

The other two minor glyphs are completely up to your personal preference, but I’m a fan of the Glyph of Water Breathing and Glyph of Water Walking, because they free up my bag space and let me not worry about keeping reagents in stock.

Talent Points

There, now you should have glyphs! Next, you’ll need to… use all of your talent points.

I would recommend something like this for you to start out with, and then play around with them based on how comfortable you become with it. (For example, once you’re comfortable with your mana regen, you can drop the points in Cleansing Waters for Telluric Currents, or to try out Focused Insight.)

Gearing and Stats

For gear, you’ll want to watch for the intellect mail, which you’re very familiar with as a hunter, because it likes to drop and mock you. You’ll want to hug every bit of intellect and spirit that you can find, especially starting off. You’ll want to reach 916 haste rating to get an additional riptide tick, but other than that, you’ll get more bang for your buck out of crit (thanks to the Resurgence talent, you’ll be getting some mana back from critical heals) and mastery (our Deep Healing means that our heals can get really strong when people are sitting at lower health levels).

As a general rule, put brilliant (+intellect) gems in red sockets, artful (+int/mastery) in yellow, and purified (+int/spirit) in blue sockets. You’ll also want to enchant for intellect or mastery where you can. (The Guardians of Hyjal have your int/crit helm enchant.)

Spells and Casts, oh, my!

Now, for your actual healing spells, you have quite the handy arsenal.

Make sure to use the Earthliving Weapon enchant (yes, the green one), and make sure to refresh it before it wears off.

For tanks, you have Earth Shield. Your Glyph of Earth Shield and Nature’s Blessing talent will help you keep the tank up and relatively stabilized.

One of your main, single-target heals will be Riptide. It has a six second cooldown, and will do an initial, smallish heal, and leave a HoT on the target. It will also give you the Tidal Waves buff, which speeds up your next two Healing Wave or Greater Healing Wave casts, and increases the crit chance of your next Healing Surge. Casting Chain Heal on someone with riptide will consume the HoT, but boost the chain heal by 25%.

Healing Wave is your main filler heal. If your tank’s taking pretty stable damage, you’ll generally want to use two Healing Waves between Riptides (to make use of the Tidal Waves buff). Greater Healing Wave uses quite a bit more mana, but it’s your bigger heal. If you can spare a global cooldown to cast Unleash Elements right before a GHW (especially if you can squeeze a Nature’s Swiftness in there too) you can get a nice, hefty heal in.

Healing Surge is your faster OSHIT heal, which will crank out a decent chunk if someone is sitting at, say, 2% health (thanks to our mastery), but it’s generally expensive and inefficient, and it’ll burn through your mana like nothing.

We can also handle AoE damage quite nicely with Healing Rain and Chain Heal, although both spells are unfortunately very dependant on where your party members stand. (It will never fail that people will stand just outside of your healing puddle or run out of chain heal’s range to bounce just as the cast finishes.)

Additionally, we were finally given a nice cooldown ability, Spirit Link Totem. Besides just being pretty, it gives any party members in its radius a nice 10% damage reduction, and it redistributes their health. (So you can theoretically spam big heals on one person and have their health redistributed to anyone else in range. It’s especially nice to use it in combination with tank and dps’ damage reduction CDs on AoE phases.)

Speaking of totems!

You’ll generally want to use Healing Stream Totem (especially since you have it glyphed now!) and save Mana Tide Totem for when you’re hurting for mana, Flametongue Totem for the spell power boost, and Wrath of Air Totem for the 5% spell haste (if you have another player already providing a haste buff, you can switch to Windfury Totem for the silly melee and hunters).

For the earth totem, you’ll want to use Stoneskin if you don’t have a paladin with the devotion aura, and Strength of Earth if you don’t have a DK with the horn of winter thingy. If you glyphed Stoneclaw (and remember to use it!), remember that it’s an earth totem and will replace your Stoneskin or Strength of Earth totem. (Same for Tremor Totem if you’re fighting anything with a fear effect.)

Anywho, those are the basics of shaman healing! The rest of it comes with gear and practice (including your fair share of shitty pugs).

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I really enjoy raiding, especially with my shaman. I love seeing the content, and pushing my skills as a player, and getting to hang out with the awesome people we raid with. (We definitely have our silly moments.)

I also enjoy not raid leading. I don’t mind it, I just tend to be more wound up and serious if I am leading, and I tend to be able to relax and banter more if I’m not leading.

I also have serious patience issues.

Thanks to Real Life, we’ve been fielding a single raid group (instead of two concurrent ones) lately, and I haven’t had to raid lead. Between the general excitement about raiding (NOT FIRELANDS DRAINING MY WILL TO LIVE, YESSSSS), and not raid leading, and being a stickler for punctuality, and having a hard time sitting around and waiting, I apparently get a little bit antsy.

Before raids, my chats generally look like this:

Can I have a raid invite so that I can sit safely inside and not worry about being ganked?
Brb going to find chocolate.
/abuses raid assist powers to invite any rostered players who are online
/scoff at someone pointing out that people still have up to 15 minutes left until start time
/bounce all over the entrance area of the raid

Whatever, you guys love me.

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When to Use Telluric Currents in Dragon Soul (10N)

Telluric Currents:
Your attunement to natural energies causes your Lightning Bolt spell to restore mana equal to 40% of damage dealt.

Telluric Currents is one of the little quirks of shaman healing that I absolutely love. That being said, it took me a while to warm up to it, and a bit of time to get the hang of it. However, now that I’m comfortable with it, the talent lets me not worry about spirit as much (allowing me to reforge or focus more on mastery, haste, or crit, depending on the content we’re working on), and it caters to my preference of constantly doing something (rather than spamcasting overheals or bouncing around during lulls).

Any resto shammy can put points in the talent, but you do want to be familiar with the strength of your own heals and the rhythm of incoming damage in the content you play. In raids, you also want to be familiar and comfortable with your healing assignments (if you use them) and you need to be able to trust your cohealers.

It does require paying a lot of attention and being able to react quickly, like if there’s an unexpected spike in damage and you need to cancel your lightning bolt cast to get a quick riptide off–your priority as a healer is still to heal.

Disclaimer! Below is a listing of the times that I’ve found to be most efficient to squeeze in a few lightning bolts in the Dragon Soul raid (10N) per boss. This is what tends to work best with our raid composition, and my gear, and the awesome people that I get to raid with. Your mileage may vary. ^^

Safely – these are times where there is minimal or no raid damage going out, and nobody should be dying if they’re executing fight mechanics properly (e.g., if someone faceplants into an ice wall on Hagara while you’re nuking a crystal, you can very cheerfully not feel responsible for their death). You should be able to cast a few lightning bolts in succession for these.

Carefully & Very Carefully – these are times where you can periodically weave in a lightning bolt between your normal heals. You can usually get away with these lightning bolts a lot more in LFR, but in normal-mode raiding, it’s really important to be familiar with your raiders before you let too much static fly–you want to know how much you can lean on your cohealers, how much the tanks can handle, and how good your dps are at using personal heals and damage reduction cooldowns.

safely – during Black Blood phase, when you’re behind rocks and you’ve topped off anyone in range
carefully – between stomps before the boss dips below 20% health

Yor’sahj (Skittles!):
safely – at the start of the fight, before the first slimes spawn
safely – on the slimes (Spiritwalker’s Grace is up for every other slime spawn)
carefully – on the mana void from the cobalt slime
very carefully – on the boss if you’ve had a blue/black combo and the mana void is down

Zon’ozz (Ping Pong!):
safely – at the start of the fight, before the Ball spawns
very carefully – during the dark phase, if used with healing CDs

safely – during Feedback (for 15 seconds after coming out of an ice/lighting phase)
safely – on crystals during ice phase
carefully – on the lightning add
very carefully – to help get people out of ice tombs

safely – lawl
very carefully – any point where you can sneak in a stray lightning bolt

very carefully – during phase one on any of the adds

very carefully – on the Burning Tendon under the armor plates

safely – on the arm/wing for the first few seconds of the first four platforms (until the Mutated Corruption spawns)
carefully – on Deathwing’s chin (final platform) when no adds are up
very carefully – on the Mutated Corruptions and Elementium Bolts
very carefully – on the arm/wing after all the adds have been cleared on the platform (once Alexstrasza’s platform is cleared, you’ll probably need to focus more on heals because of the Blistering Tentacles)

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On Healing and DPSing

Stands in Bad normally runs two concurrent 10-man raids, and we’ve been down to one for the past few weeks, thanks to real life and the holidays. Mostly because of how our raid lead officer freaks out about it, it’s amusing to see who signs up and what our roster-puzzle* will look like each week–will we have plenty of tanks and melee, and only enough healers and and ranged dps for one group, and then turn around the next week with seven healers for one raid?

I like to think that we’ve been doing pretty well with a rotating roster and making sure that people are being sat in fair turns, and being one of the seven healers who signed up, I was scheduled to sit out last week. Real life did its little thing and one of our dps came down with the Martian Death Flu and I ended up filling in with my elemental spec (and a two-piece t13 resto bonus, whewt!).

There were things that were awesome and things that were less-awesome-but-didn’t-necessarily-suck.


– Chain lightning off of cooldown gives me gigglefits.
– I’m pretty darn proud that my little 2pc resto shammy can keep up with our main spec dps raiders.
– It was really fun to mix things up and see the fights from another perspective.
– Lightning bolt on the run, all the time!


– It was challenging for me to raid lead in a role that I’m not used to, particularly because I was also trying to concentrate on my rotation and watch all my dps cooldowns.
– WHY DIDN’T RIPTIDE–oh, yeah.
– I’m conditioned to refreshing water shield any time I have a spare GCD (*glares at Beth’tilac*), and it’s hard for me to remember to NOT do that with the lightning shield (D: NUUU ALL MY FULMINATION STACKS).

It basically boiled down to this:

Liz: you lived a carefree, worry-less existence without a second glance at your own health bar?

me: I didn’t, though.
That’s part of the “Less-awesome-but-didn’t-necessarily-suck” list.

Liz: oh. well, then, you need to l2dps, cause that’s the best part

me: XD

Basically, yeah, I had fun dpsing, but my heart is in healing. I can’t help keeping an eye on health levels on grid. I can’t help dropping healing puddles on the parts that I know are rougher, or naaru on the tanks for parts where I know there’s more damage or they could use a little more stabilization, or sniping off a healing surge if someone’s health scares me.

I get to fill in as dps again this week, and I promise that I’ll still itch for my spirit link totem on Zon’ozz’s black phase and I’ll still drop healing puddles on Ultraxion.

It’s not that I don’t trust our healers, don’t get me wrong. We have a kickass group that works well together, and I love getting to heal with them. Part of it is just that healing is what I’m used to–my gut reaction and honed instinct is to respond to the damage that players take–but a larger part is simply that it’s what I enjoy the most.

* It totally is a roster-puzzle. We don’t use set raiding groups for a number of reasons, so it’s definitely a challenge to balance the rosters as evenly as possible each week, between gear/output and buffs and viable offspecs and classes and couples and all the little things.

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Fall of Deathwing Tips for Resto Shammies

This is a continuation of Siege of Wyrmrest Tips for Resto Shammies. ^^


The fact that the whole raid stays grouped up for this fight plays to our strength in stationary AoE heals. Try to manage your mana well early on, since you’ll need it to last, as the damage on this fight gets worse as the fight progresses. If you’re still sporting a t12 2-piece bonus, make sure to try to keep riptide up as much as possible. Other than that, you’ll be keeping healing rain down and spamming the hell out of chain heal. Healers luck out on not needing to worry about the Fading Light debuff, but you’ll want to make sure that your tanks (and/or Hour of Twilight soakers) stay topped off. If given a choice for the crystal buffs, red is nice, our healy pally usually hogs green, and I like to hold out for blue, ‘cause it gives me gigglefits.

Totem management:
If you drop Mana Tide early on (when you’re at about 70-80% mana), it’ll be up again later in the fight–same for Spirit Link.

Warmaster Blackhorn

The first part of this fight is spread out and very mobile, so it’ll definitely keep you on your toes. Keep an eye out for people solo-soaking the small swirls, and be ready to hit them with an unleash life boost before a greater healing wave. Keep riptides on the tanks, and save chain heals for melee. Popping Spiritwalker as everyone runs in for the big onslaught swirls can help you drop a healing puddle on it and have a chain heal cast in the works as it hits. When phase two starts and rdps is nuking Gariona to 25%, I generally try to weave lightning bolts on the dragon too, in between healing up the group through Blackhorn’s AoE shout.

Totem management:
If you can spare a GCD, drop an earthbind totem when a sapper lands to help slow it. Spirit Link can be a used for an early onslaught swirl and be up again for phase two.

Spine of Deathwing

If you have any kind of custom healing setup, make sure that you have the Searing Plasma debuff set up to show on your raid frames. We found that the least painful way for us to heal through the debuff was to make sure that we kept up with AoE and HoT heals. I try to make sure to keep riptide up on people who have the debuff, keep healing puddles on the group, and then chain heal off of people with the debuff. Once a plate lifts up and a tendon is exposed, I try to help and lightning bolt some mana back.

Totem management:
Mana can easily become a strain on this fight, especially if your group has some bad luck with stuns while dpsing the tendons down, so you want to make sure to use Mana Tide early on and have it up for later in the fight. Try to save Spirit Link for when the big add gets to 9 stacks and goes all explodey, especially if you have a little ways of health to dps through.

Madness of Deathwing

This fight can get a little dicey, especially as you progress through each platform, but there is a certain predicable rhythm to it, which really helps. For the platforms, we go green, red, yellow, and then blue. When we start a platform, I can usually dps the claw-arm-thingy until the tentacle pops up in the back. Watch your tanks’ health pools, and be ready to spot heal when the tentacle slams down onto the raid. On the first three platforms, I try to help dps the elementium bolt down before it lands, and then go back to spot healing until the tentacle is dead. Everyone should group back up on the claw-arm-thingy (good tanks will bring all the adds to the group), making it easier to heal the group back up with puddles and chain heals. Weave in the occasional lightning bolt between chain heals, and mana is fairly manageable for the first three platforms.

We’re still learning the Madness of Deathwing fight in Stands in Bad, and we’ve gotten to the fourth (blue) platform, and we’re still figuring out the kinks of healing through the unslowed elementium bolt (it huuurts). What theoretically seems to work is having everyone group up near the claw-arm-thingy (away from where the bolt will land) for heals and CDs, and then having everyone nuke it down before going back to the tentacle. Spirit Link seems to help more after the bolt has landed to stabilize the raid, assuming you have a pretty priesty bubble to shield you when it lands (alternatively, SLT might work better for the landing if you have a druid’s tranquility at hand to help stabilize the raid afterwards).

The fifth platform (his chin) is mostly about making sure that your raid stays stabilized (healing puddles and chain heals, go!) and healing through the shrapnel (and reminding your raid that they have Ysera’s damage reduction button again and to SMUSH IT CONSTANTLY).

Totem management:
This fight is forever long (to the point where a common strat seems to be popping heroism off the bat on the first platform, and it’ll be up again for the head), so use your Mana Tide totem early and liberally (your telluric current-less cohealers will thank you!). Stoneclaw is good for when the tentacle is randomly smashing the raid and if an elementium bolt makes it to the ground.

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