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In Which Jen Accepts a Challenge

I don’t really have anything new for this blog lately, partially ’cause I got distracted writing a story for Kia’s blog. (I totally went and chased down more nerdpoints for Tal yesterday.) Advertisements

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Nerdpoints and Zombies

One of the things that I love about WoW is that there is SO MUCH to do. Kia already mentioned our bear-hunting, which took us a few days to get for everyone, but we had fun melting bosses and faceplant-derp-pulling … Continue reading

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Thank you for flying Air Pwn

While joking around, in the most melee hating instance in all of cata, our quirky gnome warlock created Air Pwn! Mind controlling evil humanoid mobs into jumping off the edges made for a greatly amusing night. MC – the ultimate … Continue reading

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Proper Usage of Life Grip

Omg.  So much win. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/816799-Practical-Priest-s-Guide-to-Leap-of-Faith

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