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Nerdpoints and Zombies

One of the things that I love about WoW is that there is SO MUCH to do. Kia already mentioned our bear-hunting, which took us a few days to get for everyone, but we had fun melting bosses and faceplant-derp-pulling … Continue reading

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Raiding with a Restoration Shaman

Switching from a resto druid to a resto shaman definitely took a little bit of getting used to (I still can’t remember my dagnab ohshit Nature’s Swiftness grid binding). It’s also really weird to run heroics with my druid now, … Continue reading

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Musings on Heroic Requirements

I hit 85 on my paladin last night.  I had a whopping 1800 Justice Points saved up from Wrath (I’m such an overachiever, I know).  I logged on this morning, got my Therazane toddler-enchant and the two strength rings, turned in … Continue reading

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